About Us

If you’ve ever seen me teach from stage, then you’ve heard me repeat that statement a dozen times before the seminar ends. I mention it here because this is our first issue of Billionaire Mentor Magazine and I want you to forgive me — in advance — for the many sloppy successes you and I will experience together.

Although I don’t know what the future will bear for this publication, I do know that my intention and it is simply this: To provide you more hope and protect your confidence so you can eliminate the uncertainties of having a bigger, brighter future. I want to inspire readers, listeners and viewers not only to learn from the stories, strategies and successes we share and actually “experience” them.

You’ll notice I referred to YOU as a “reader” and “listener” and “viewer.” My reasoning is because Billionaire Mentor Magazine is intentionally designed to give you a visceral experience page after page, by utilizing more senses — reading, listening and viewing.

“Multi-media learning” is one of two major advantages of a digital magazine like this one. The second major advantage is the fact that we don’t have to kill any more trees to give you access to our rich content. You get time-honored strategies that help you crack the code to wild success, while preserving the world environment!

Here’s my promise: If you consume each page of Billionaire Mentor Magazine with a “beginner’s mind,” you WILL achieve wild success in your personal and professional life and repeatedly convert your passions into profits. That’s a lofty promise I know. But I’m just 49% of the equation. The remaining 51% rests in your hands.

Look, your life today … no matter how good or bad, is a result of the micro-decisions you made in your yesterdays. The premise of this magazine is that billionaires think, feel and act differently than millionaires. They have different mindsets. Millionaires are good at making BIG decisions and tend to prosper episodically. Billionaires are great at making “micro” decisions and typically prosper daily.

Billionaires know that “sloppy success is better than perfect mediocrity.” To borrow a line from Buckminster Fuller, “Mistakes are great, the more you make the smarter you’ll get.” That’s the essence of how billionaire mentors think, feel and act. They know they don’t have to be a billionaire in “net worth” to have a billionaire’s “self-worth.” Billionaires give themselves permission to succeed sloppily and they “fail forward” by default! The net result is a flooding or more wealth, more health and happiness to share with their colleagues, friends and loved-ones.

You are getting the picture, right? Since you’ve read this far, you probably know how little actions can turn into BIG results. If that’s what you’re thinking right now, then you and I will get along great because “wild success” always leaves clues. I wrote this message to inspire you to get ready and set to pick up the billionaire “breadcrumbs” we’ve laid down for you to help you navigate to a bigger, brighter future with more certainty.

Onward and Upward,

Alex Mandossian

Editor in Chief

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